Nebulizers and other fun ways to torture cats

I'm the proud owner of a nebulizer!  My Max, the 14-year-old siamese was having trouble breathing this morning, so it was straight to the vet.  She thought he sounded bad enough for x-rays, but was pleasantly surprised to see that he didn't have pneumonia – yet.  She said in a few days it could look worse, so we were aggressive with his treatment.  I opted for the stronger, more expensive antibiotics and didn't bat an eye when she suggested I invest $100 in a nebulizer. 

Max wasn't thrilled about the antibiotics, but he didn't complain too much.  Thankfully that's only once a day.  The kitty torture comes in the form of the nebulizer.  It's actually not too bad on the cat, it just goes against what you think you should be doing.  Basically since a cat won't sit still and breathe through the little tube, you need to make a little tent for the kitty that fills up with the medicated air.  So I put him in his carrier with a nice soft blanket and then covered the carrier up with a plastic garbage bag!  I started up the nebulizer and he hated the noise and didn't know what to make of the cloud of vapor coming at him.  Once he got used to it, he settled down and relaxed.  I think it helped that he started being able to breathe again.  It just felt so wrong to wrap my cat in a plastic coccoon! 

I can't believe how fast he got sick.  Two days ago I heard a sneeze.  Yesterday I heard a cough.  This morning he didn't look like he felt good and by 9:30 AM he sounded awful and I planned to make an appointment for him.  He refused his canned food and then I knew I couldn't wait any longer to get him to the vet.  Nature tells pets that it's for their own good to hide their illnesses.  Luckily he showed me before it was too late.

Mary also had a fun day at the vet this week.  She had blood work done and it showed that she's not out of the woods yet.  She's still attacking her red blood cells, so she's back on antibiotics and steroids.  She's taking it like a trooper though and this could also be responsible for her ooey pooies, so hopefully after a month of these drugs, she'll be all better!  Cross your fingers!

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I used to work with one group rescuing cats and blogged about being a cat lady. Now I help out mulitple rescues and blog about that. But I still consider myself to be a crazy cat lady!
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